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        Our Approach in Health & Wellness

        Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions puts behavior science to work in healthcare. We collaborate with health plans, health systems and retailers to deliver behavior change solutions at scale. These solutions are proven to deliver better health outcomes, business performance and patient experience.

        Our Thought Leaders

        We need to work across the healthcare industry to improve health, create better patient experiences and support those who devote their lives to improving the health of others.

        Our team of world-class behavior and data scientists is dedicated to making the world a healthier place. Human health behavior is extremely complex, but our rigorous approach takes the guesswork out of behavior change to help people see sustainable results.

        Science of Behavior Change

        For more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in groundbreaking research and innovative health solutions. Our Behavior Science team carries on that tradition by helping people live healthier lives through healthier choices. We look at the ecosystem of factors, including well-being, to create solutions purposefully designed to influence health behaviors associated with desired health outcomes, adapted to the needs of individuals.
        Our Areas of Focus
          The Link Between Well-Being and Health Behavior
          The Link Between Well-Being and Health Behavior
          Behavior Change Principles
          Behavior Change Principles
          Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Health Technologies
          Measuring Effectiveness of Digital Health Technologies
          Behavior Science, Data Science and Technology
          Behavior Science, Data Science and Technology
          Healthcare Professionals' Influence on Patient Health Engagement
          Healthcare Professionals' Influence on Patient Health Engagement


        Johnson & Johnson Health Partner changes the process of preparing for and recovering from knee, hip or weight loss surgery by tapping into an individual’s motivation and underlying drive to get and stay healthy.

        Health and Wellness Offerings

        Solution to assist patients throughout the healthcare experience, enabling them to take a proactive role in their health and well-being. Each offering currently consists of a website and companion smartphone app.
        Human Performance Institute?—a pioneer in proven, sustainable behavior change with over 30 years of research and results in performance, resilience and leadership—offers innovative, science-based programs for organizations, leaders and teams to improve performance and build resilience.
        This fast, simple and scientifically proven program combines high-intensity aerobic and resistance training using only body weight and limited rest.

        In the News

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